LeoFinance (PolyCUB, CubDeFi, LeoThreads, LeoGlossary) is making the Hive Blockchain More Interesting - LeoFinance Innovations are making the bear market look bullish

Hello LeoFinance ecosystem and those present on the hive blockchain.

LeoFinance ecosystem to me is a Web 3 ecosystem with a different and that's shown through her innovations and strategies to keep the platform going and making value creation her core goal.



It's crystal clear that this year has been one of the most innovative year for the LeoFinance ecosystem and I bit my chest to say that it's one of the most profitable year for the ecosystem.

Have you asked yourself this question, are we truly experiencing the bear market on the LeoFinance ecosystem as well as the Hive blockchain? Apart from the fact that most monthly active users on both the LeoFinance ecosystem and the hive blockchain have reduced due to low rewards, indicating that the $Hive fluctuated between $0.30 to $0.60. I know this part isn't explained properly. What I mean here is that most people on the hive blockchain don't create contents because it's not the bull season when they could grab enough rewards for themselves.

Coming to think of it, it's been a well structured year and this is as a result of two variables:

  • the inter-chain transactions between the LeoFinance ecosystem and either Polygon or Binance.
  • the mass adoption of HBD created by the innovative ideas of the LeoTeam through MTB.

Most visionary people are seeing opportunities in various dark areas on the Hive blockchain to invest in order to earn more rewards for themselves.

LeoFinance Innovations and Innovative Strategies
Since early March this year, LeoFinance have launched one value creation platform or the other, although efforts to do this has preceded the month of March.

For instance, the idea behind PolyCUB started immediately CubDeFi platform was launched in March last year. With total concentration and diligence, the LeoTeam continued the project until March when PolyCUB was launched.

Launching PolyCUB to me is what has made the bear market look a bit mild to us on the blockchain. Everyone one could tell that there's a level of awareness out there about the Hive stablecoin (HBD), leading to mass adoption of the stablecoin. Within a period of 30 days, HBD has moved beyond it's peg ($1). Sometimes around July 25, it went up to $3 and just yesterday it was between $1.70 and $1.25.

The launching of pHBD and now bHBD has created more use cases for the native HBD and this has seen more dollars moving into the hive blockchain as well as the LeoFinance ecosystem.

The vexPolyCub Strategy
Moving away from the HBD growth level, let's look at the power of vexPolyCub global lock. To me this is the most innovative of then all. This is because one of the ways to fight the bear market is to create scarcity of products.

Locking xPolyCub for 2 years keeps the PolyCUB project going and more juicy to invest in. The idea is to reduce the amount of PolyCUB that is in the open market by buying back the available PolyCUB out there. This gives just one impression and that is handing over all the available PolyCUB to the control of the protocol.

As the months goes by, many people will want to invest in vexPolyCub and they need PolyCUB to do that, the protocol sells those PolyCUB at a good price to potential investors and inturn make the protocol to be sustainable by itself.

LeoThreads the Uniting Force
Since the arrival of LeoThreads on the hive blockchain, many Hivers have been actively involved in interactions that is very important to take the hive blockchain to the next level.

Microblogging is one of the future of the SocialDeFi platform and LeoFinance in collaboration with the hive blockchain have make the move to create this leading idea that other blockchains will emulate in the future.

Communication is key to any platform that intends to develop in quick secession. Mind you many newbies have started onboarding into the blockchain, which will increase the chances of the LeoFinance ecosystem to earn revenues from the threads.

I'll conclude by saying that visionary leadership + implementation is key to the amazing growth that the LeoFinance ecosystem has made this year. Thanks to @khaleelkazi and his team for the good works, keep it up and the sky will be our starting point.

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