LeoThreads Acts as a Bridge Between Top-level Hive Post and Threads (Tweets) - If you can't write long post, please thread

Hello LeoFinance ecosystem!

How amazing it is to be in the generation that launched the LeoThreads (microblogging) on the hive blockchain and in years to come I'll tell the story of how the LeoThreads began. Welcome to another threading day with LeoThreads.



I wasn't on the hive blockchain when Hive started, so there are first hand information that I can't give (something like how the whole crowd felt during the breakout from steemit), but I only read about it.

When it comes to PolyCUB and LeoThreads, they both happened in front of me and I'm proud to be part of these two epoch making events on the hive blockchain.

Sometimes back, I entered into one of the hive communities to write a post and one of my usual habits was to check some of the post before commencing mine. As I read through a particular post to the end, I saw a writeup at the comment section saying: in our community we write up to 300 words, meanwhile the individual have managed to write up to 250 words and because of that his post wasn't curated at all. Although, I might be wrong in my reason why the post wasn't curated.

Most recently, a community on the hive blockchain updated their rules of engaging the community and one of the rules is that you must write up to 700 words if you're writing in a single language. This to me reducing the level of engagement such a community will have and the community will just remain for those that are born writers.

The main idea of LeoThreads if am correct, isn't to destroy the already existing top-level Hive post and not to undermine short post either, but to act as a bridge between both top-level and short posts.

Creating a Thread on LeoFinance.io is not like creating a post. When you create a Thread, it actually creates a "second-level" piece of content on the Hive blockchain.
This means that it DOES NOT create a top-level Hive Post from your account.Source

For those that think it's easy to write a top-level Hive post, but the truth is that it takes a lot of energy and brainstorming to create a top-level Hive post that'll attract Curators and Hive Whales to one's post.

Sometimes, you'll observe that while writing a top-level Hive posts, you abandon them sometimes for weeks and months as if you're writing an article in one of those academic journals.

With the new microblogging platform on the LeoFinance ecosystem, you can just create a thread or many threads that'll be translated to the hive blockchain as a set of post. This is an amazing feeling for those who don't know how to construct long post, although not a call for laziness on the hive blockchain.

LeoThreads creates that freedom everyone crave on Twitter to write as they wish and not as the traditional post wants them to. The main reason why many will prefer LeoThreads to twitter is because, it has the same feelings with a daily touch of crypto ($Hive and $LEO) to the process.

If you can't write a long post, please thread.

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