Listen to these wise sayings: stack Leo, Cent and Ctp tokens now, while dip last


Hello Cent community! Hope you guys are doing well.

Today, I bring you truth about the bear season, which will help you excel and attain your financial freedom.



It's a known fact that bear season is a period to stack and hodl tokens that'll profit you in due course, but many are of the opinions that dip seasons come with great risk.

To me risk is part of life and life itself is a risk. This is because one doesn't determine the outcome of tomorrow, but hopes that tomorrow will present goodwill to him or her.

If this is considered true, then, preparing for tomorrow is very crucial, if an individual will succeed tomorrow.

Applying this to the hive blockchain and the cryptoverse, one should know that the only way to survive is to gather and stack tokens during dip seasons in order to smile during bull season.

Which Hive Engine Tokens Should an Individual Invest in During the Bear Season

  • Leo 🦁 is a good token to invest and this is because of its use case and multi-chain connections. What this means is that, the LeoFinance ecosystem has smart contracts with Binance (CubDeFi), PolyCUB (Polygon). Also, the Leo has liquidity pools with Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others.
  • Ctp is the third token in my list, but not third in terms of value accrual. The use cases of Ctp are enormous. Ctp is has different platforms linked to it, like, ctpsb, Listnerd and liotes. With this different platforms, the token is set to stand stronger amidst the dip.

Why stack Cent tokens
Cent token is also one of the fastest growing Hive Engine token. Cent has more than 5 liquidity pools pairs ranging from Leo, POB, CentG, Hive as well as HBD. This liquidity pools are worth millions of dollars, which gives one more opportunities to cash out big from both tokens.

Cent token has a great future if you really have the sight to see that. With the aforementioned liquidity pools pairs, you can tell that Cent token will be the hope of the hive Engine tokens.