Nature Heals


Hello Cent community!

Do you know that nature has the power to heal everything that's in it and also fight against anything that's trying to destroy it.



Everything about life is hidden in nature and the gradual revelation of things is what is known as technological advancements. In the 15th century, many European missionaries and travelers who came to Africa, were killed by the devastating effects of malaria 🦟🦟 and mosquitoes, but prior to their arrival to Africa, people have been there for thousands of years. So how did they treat treat malaria, I'll say it's completely natural.

People drank water from the streams and these streams had tress that grew around them and some of the trees had their roots inside the water. At fall season, those leafs drop into the water and mix with the water and gradually ferment into the water. Those leafs and plant roots were natural medicines that helps the body of those that drank from the streams to fight against malaria and other terrible diseases within the African region.

Apart from the above, if an individual doesn't want to take pills 💊 and injection for medication, they could resort to taking much water very early in the morning and some amount of fruits 🍓🍑🍓🍑 and before you know it the symptoms are gone. To me, this is more effective than the orthodox medicines.



For those that are still doubting the fact that nature can heal any kind of diseases and situations, what do you use to treat stress? I think the first medical advice given to someone suffering from stress is bed rest. Sleeping is the best antidote for stress and it's very natural in all ramifications. No matter the amount of anargesics you take for headache, the best solution for that is adequate sleep.

It'll shock you to know that love is also natural. Love naturally heals a wounded heart that has passed through several emotional stress. Many love wholeheartedly and later they'll have heartbreak, but given another person a chance to love them, solves the problems of the previous relationship.

Have you tried using Western medications for that illness and it's not working, please try the natural healing methods and you'll observe a quick recovery. Probably, you're just coming out of one bad and reckless relationship and you're depressed, give another a chance to love you.

It's usually said that one apple 🍎 a day keeps you away from the hospital, so take some fruits daily to build your antibodies.