Saving and Investing: Two Major Ways to Secure Your Future Investment


Hello LeoFinance ecosystem!

It's been a beautiful time on the LeoFinance ecosystem and how it feels to interact with great minds on crypto, finance and economics. Everyday that passes by, I learn a new thing on the LeoFinance ecosystem and the hive blockchain. Today I want to share with us the two major tools one can use to secure the future as well as the future investments. Just read patiently to the end and you may find one things that'll help your future investments.



Every part of the world today is experiencing inflation, while the continent of Africa and other low income countries are facing with challenges such as, poverty, unemployment, high cost of living and inequalities.

The above variables are capable of keeping one below rising beyond a certain height in life if nothing is done to savage the situation.

I've observed in my country that it's very difficult for a young lad to raise initial capital to start a business or venture into other economic activities within Nigeria. To raise capital one will have to save a large chunk of he's or her earnings to start a small scale business.

Savings and investing to me are the two ways one can quickly secure the future investments and find peace during retirement from active service.

One can approach savings from a daily, weekly and monthly standpoint. Although, it takes a disciplined heart to save one's money by oneself. You can make a saving box and agree on the amount of money to put in it on a daily basis or as you earn.

In the aspect of investing one needs to know how it works in order not to enter into the hands of fraudster. This will lead us to the issue of investment education.

How to grow your investment effectively


The right combination of stocks, bonds, and cash can allow a portfolio to grow with much less risk and volatility than a portfolio that is invested completely in stocks. Diversification works partly because when one asset class is performing poorly, another is usually doing well.Source

This fact is absolutely true, because, depending on one single portfolio poses a lot of risk for the investor. Diversification can be a way to gather revenues from different channels.

Stock and Crypto Education
Education in cryptocurrencies and stocks is very important for everyone who want to venture into stock or crypto market trading. It's easier today than in the 1990s and early 2000s due to the daily uploads of youtube videos on how to trade on stock exchange platforms. You can also search google for write-ups about trading.

Start from the scratch. This is a very unique point to note for those who want to grow their investments. This is because, it'll allow you to know what comes in and goes out on a daily basis. If a business venture is started very large, it'll not allow the owner understand the income and expenses basis. Also, it'll require a professional to mann the business and that professional if he or she lacks integrity, can bring down the business in few years time.

separate income and expenditures. Most people don't know the difference between income and expenditure, because they tend to join both monies together.

Why do you need to invest?

  • opportunities don't always come by. Most especially in the cryptoverse that today you'll experience bear market and the next minute you're seeing a bull market.
  • there uncertainties and volatility.
  • in order to retire well and happy.

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