The Best of $LEO, POLYCUB and CubDeFi is yet to Come - $5 Mark in the Next 2 Years will be the least you should expect - Don't Judge the LeoFinance Projects by Their Current Market Prices

Hello LeoFinance ecosystem!

Are you thinking that the LeoFinance ecosystem innovative project have reached its peak or isn't going to survive the next 2 years, then I'm here to disappoint your imagination. What's ongoing around the LeoFinance ecosystem in terms of innovations and development is just at its nascent stage with some adjustments being made to get the platforms to its desired goal.



I've observing the various LeoFinance projects that have been launched within this year and those that have been refublished this year and I just see the best to come in the nearest future, while what we're experiencing now that's bringing joy and satisfaction to many as the least that can happen to these platforms.

I hope it has not escaped your mind that the PolyCUB project for example was launched in early March at the heat of the bear market and the current price of PolyCub is just a reflection of what bear market does to tokens.

Irrespective of the current bear market around PolyCUB, I can tell you confidently that the $Values PolyCUB is pulling out today is bullish when considered from a general standpoint.

It has been published by @leofinance sometimes ago that pHBD brought over $4k worth into PoL and currently, PolyCUB buybacks has also exceeded $4k. The second $4k excludes revenue generated from Pol.

The idea of locking up xPolyCub into vexPolyCub has placed the PolyCUB project in a position of hiking after the 2 years locking period elapsed.

The Current Market Prices of $LEO, $POLYCUB and $CUB Aren't the Full Reflection of their Potentials
Since we're still in the bear season, we can't conclude that $LEO, $POLYCUB and $CUB are actually operating at their peak.

I know that many will be saying in their minds that CubDeFi platform wasn't launched this year and had the time to move beyond it's current market price. Sorry to disappoint you a little, I'm not talking about the Cub farming platform that depended on management fees as it's source of value creation, but the new CubDeFi platform that offers sweet APRs and APYs for investors.

If you don't have the updated version of Cub Finance, please quickly do that now and join in the wealth creation models opened up by the newly launched Cub V2 vaults.





As we speak the current price of PolyCub is at $0.08872, Cub is at $0.02074. Judging this platforms based on the current prices isn't fair enough, if you look at the $values they've brought to the LeoFinance ecosystem and hive blockchain.

Everyone has seen the power of HBD moving above it's peg for two consecutive times, it's just a reflection of what these LeoFinance projects have done. Positioning the HBD for mass adoption by designing their wrapped version on both polygon and Binance networks is key to what's happening around the on-chain HBD.

Let's finally look at the $LEO in a brief. To me the $LEO is yet to experience it's all time hike as expected by every Lion on the LeoFinance ecosystem, but the truth is that, it'll in the nearest future. Leo ♌ isn't just a mere coin, but one of the future of a Web 3 tokens that'll be admired by other blockchains in time to come.

Everything happening around the LeoFinance ecosystem indicates that something good is about to happen in terms of reaching it's all time time of $5.

What I need from everyone right now is a little more patience, while the LeoTeam as well as everyone do their part in spreading the good news about the LeoFinance ecosystem and what it can offer potential investors out there and everything will fall in place for the entire LeoFinance projects.

Thank you for reading and supporting my post once again.

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