Two Sides of the Same Coin: Earn Up to 42.17% APR (PolyCUB) and 69.9% APR (CubDeFi)- V2 Vaults the Pride of LeoFinance

Hello LeoFinance ecosystem!

It's super amazing to be back to the ecosystem and a time to look closely to observe why LeoFinance ecosystem is succeeding amidst the current bear market that have lasted for over 4 months.



LeoFinance ecosystem at this point is constantly cashing out from her recent developments in PolyCUB and CubDeFi platforms. This is as a result of series of hardwork put together to get to this point.

Creating values in the business and DeFi world is very crucial for anyone to succeed in this present world.

Prior to the launch of Cub V2 vaults in July, the LeoTeam presented creating values as the mission of PolyCUB V2 vaults and it's crystal clear that the project has brought values and it's still creating values for the PolyCUB project, LeoFinance ecosystem as well as Hive blockchain.

Experimenting pHBD-USDC vault on the polygon network was very important to everyone on the LeoFinance ecosystem and hive blockchain. This is because most of the successes that's ongoing on the LeoFinance ecosystem came from that experiment. Although, the value on APRs on pHBD-USDC vault is fluctuating like a pendulum, but pHBD is still creating values through Pol, wrapping and unwrapping fees as well as oracle staking.

With the launching of Cub V2 vaults, which is actually another version of the PolyCUB Multi-Token Bridge, the LeoFinance ecosystem has stepped up it's farming platform to give it's investors more options to farm and create values for the platforms as well as for themselves.

V2 Vaults: 2 Sides of the same coin
When it comes to the LeoFinance Multi-Token Bridges I advise potential investors not to compare, but to freely choose anyone of the Multi-Token Bridges and invest. This is because I see both platforms as two sides of the same coin.

The common difference between them is just the fact that one is on the polygon smart chain network (PolyCUB), while the other operates on the Binance Smart Chain (Cub Finance).

Current Status of PolyCUB and Cub V2 Vaults
This section will look at the liquidity pools as well as APRs that both platforms offers.

PolyCUB (Polygon)

  • pHBD-USDC - APR 15.85% and liquidity pools $164,887.
  • PHBD-POLYCUB - APR 34.01% and liquidity pools $26,423.
  • pHIVE-POLYCUB - APR 27.65% and liquidity pools $100,433.
  • pSPS-POLYCUB - APR 28.17% and liquidity pools $20,298.

Cub V2 Vaults (Binance)

  • bHBD-CUB - 51.88% APR and liquidity pools worth $74,315
  • bHBD-BUSD - APR 31.88% and liquidity pools worth $113,399
  • bHIVE-CUB - APR 69.9% and liquidity pools worth $56,883.

Looking at the above V2 vaults from both PolyCUB and CubDeFi, you'll understand the reason why value creation is very important in DeFi platforms such as this.

You can either choose from any of the two V2 vaults and still earn good rewards from this amazing LeoFinance farming platforms.

V2 Vaults: the pride of LeoFinance with values all around.

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