vexPOLYCUB is a DeFi Platform with Less Volatility - Invest for safety and high yield

Hello LeoFinance ecosystem!

The recent Hive and HBD pump have shown some weaknesses that the LeoFinance Multi-Token Bridges have, although this has immediately been taken care of by the Leo Team.



Just as @leofinance said in yesterday's Multi-Token Bridge update:

It's been quite a few interesting days here on the Hive blockchain. First, we saw HBD go parabolic - all the way up to $3 thanks to a massive pump on Upbit.
Then a few days later, HIVE followed suit - skyrocketing all the way to $1.2 for a short period of time. We've now settled back down to $0.60.
All of this happened just as we deployed the Multi-Token Bridge Protocol and have been making rapid improvements to it.Source

In dicey situations like this, that's when you'll know if a DeFi platform is sustainable or not. Without proper planning at this point, the MTB project would have crashed but thank God that the situation was quickly savaged.

Rewind the tape to when HBD went parabolic - mooning 3x overnight to $3 - this caused a massive exodus of both HBD and HIVE from pHBD and pHIVE as users withdrew to native HBD and HIVE so that they could take advantage of the HBD pump by sending it to exchanges.Source

The major reason why HBD didn't give issues was the 3 days withdrawal period and by the time anyone could withdraw HBD from the Polygon network, the pump had gone down. Although, the other 50% that was kept in liquid was taken advantaged of by holders.

Why Investing in vexPOLYCUB has less volatility
vexPOLYCUB stands for Voting Escrow xPolyCub and a project that allows xPolyCub holders to lock their xPolycub holdings for 2 years in exchange for a fixed 20% APY.

To me this project has less volatility due to its long term goal and also the buyback strategy that is designed to help the project gain rewards that'll be used to fund the APY for 2 years.

The goal for the PolyCUB buybacks is set to reduce PolyCUB supply in by buying the entire PolyCUB in the open market.

With this in place, PolyCUB and xPolyCub pump will be controlled by the vexPolyCub protocol.

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