What On-chain HBD Savings (20% APR) Can Do, pHBD-USDC Vault (29% APR, 3-10 APY, 0.25%) Can Do Better

Hello LeoFinance ecosystem!

I'm very glad that the Hive blockchain has the abilities to liberate many from low income to becoming super amazing wealthy people, through creating contents and Curation. Isn't this amazing!



I believe so much in varieties and this varieties should come with different good options to choose from and this is what The hive blockchain as well as LeoFinance ecosystem offers users in terms of interest on HBD.

I still remember vividly that the interest on HBD savings to 20% APR was changed in April and this has given must users options on what to do with the HBD side of their hive rewards for content. I think formerly that Hivers just use their rewards (HBD) to either Powerup to HP or withdraw them into their traditional bank account or probably buy some other crypto for themselves, but with the changes, most people transfer their HBD rewards to savings.

20% APR offered by the Hive blockchain for saving HBD is very enormous, I believe that no traditional banking sector will give one such a interest got saving money, which isn't in a fixed deposit of which the banks uses to trade on FX.

The truth is that the bigger the HBD in the savings the greater the profit and the longer the HBD stays in the savings the merrier for the HBD holder.

It should be noted that, this changes in interest on HBD savings, immediately saw the launching of pHBD-USDC vault on the polygon network. This came handy to solve the liquidty challenge facing on-chain HBD. Prior to the launching of pHBD, the native HBD was faced with liquidty pools that has limited it's adoption in the stablecoin market, even when it's one of the long standing algorithm stablecoins in the cryptoverse.

The arrival of pHBD solved the above problem and projected Hivers towards continuous yield accrual channels.

20% APR (On-chain) and 29% APR pHBD-USDC vault the line In-between
For those on the hive blockchain, the most safest place to store their investments without depreciation and still earn more rewards, is the HBD saving platform. This is an absolute truth, because the value of HBD in the savings doesn't depreciate within the period in which it's in savings.

The other side of the coin (pHBD) is also very lucrative once you have the confidence to venture into it. Remember, that pHBD-USDC vault is still a product of the Hive blockchain through the LeoFinance ecosystem.

On-chain HBD savings is very straightforward and gives you one source of reward, but the pHBD-USDC vault, gives you the more APR ( formerly 40%, currently 29%) and also offers you about 3-10% APY and a chance to earn and partake in the xPolycub governance. Part from this, there are about 4 value accrual channels that pHBD-USDC vault brings to any Lion that partake in wrapping and unwrapping pHBD from the Polygon network.

I'll conclude by saying, choose from any of the above options stated above, but look very closely, you'll see the best in pHBD-USDC vault.


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