When Last Did You Make a Reel Video on the LeoFinance Facebook Page - Make LeoFinance Ecosystem Known on the Web 2 Platforms

Hello LeoFinance ecosystem!

It's a new day and I believe that today will be better than yesterday. Hope you and your family is doing well.



I'll start this post by asking this question, what have you done for the LeoFinance ecosystem in recent times? Are you confused about my question! Remember that everyone (Lion) on the ecosystem has a role to play in order to take the LeoFinance ecosystem to its next level.

When last did you visit the LeoFinance page on Facebook? Are you even aware of the LeoFinance Facebook page, if you aren't aware please visit LeoFinance.io Social Media Platform for Finance and Crypto

There's one unique features about the LeoFinance Facebook page and that's, it's open door policy of accepting topics that are LeoFinance related, ranging from crypto, finance, economics, budgeting, blockchain activities and many others.

There are two ways one can make the LeoFinance ecosystem known on the our Facebook page: creating a post and making some short videos known as Reels.

Creating a content on the LeoFinance Facebook page, is a replica of what we do here on LeoFinance.io. To do this you just get a convenient topic that is Leo inclined and write about it. This topic could be on finance, crypto and economics, with an utmost priority placed on redirecting your friends and others to what the LeoFinance ecosystem can offer the general public.

Reel videos on the other hand, is a short video that gives a quick explanation about of what you want to do. Let's take pHBD for instance, if I want to make a short video on pHBD, I should prepare informations about the vault and write an outline of them. Immediately I start talking about them, I should just follow me outline in a quick secession.

To make a Reel Video, just go to the section of our Facebook page and start the video.

To me, this is part of the obligations of every Lion to create traffic and utilities across every Web 3 platforms to encourage potential investors to come in.

Reel videos on Facebook helps to increase one's following, as well as to expose the LeoFinance ecosystem to many on the Facebook platform.

Make a Reel Video today to promote the LeoFinance ecosystem.

Thank you!

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