Why is Crypto Revolution Necessary Across the World?


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My today's post will focus on an important question and the answer to this question will encourage us to talk to others about what we're enjoying on the Hive blockchain.



The entire world population is suffering because of the inabilities for governments to keep to their promises and to continue with their basic duties to their citizens. What's the basic duties of government to their citizens? Governments across the world owes their citizens a duty to protect lives and properties as well as reduce these 3 issues affecting the society: poverty, unemployment and inequalities.

I'll say that today governments around have failed to keep to these responsibilities. If I'm wrong please carefully note my errors, I'll appreciate.

The constant rise of unemployment in the societies, most especially in low income countries is becoming overwhelming. Unemployment and poverty are the roots of social vices in our societies today.

For instance, in Nigeria, the rising state of banditry operations, kidnapping and the likes is getting alarming that there are parts of Nigeria that people don't move easily because of these issues.

Since Government Has Failed Us, What Next
Today, everyone is fending for themselves and providing everything as well. The rich politicians are getting richer and the poor is getting poorer. For the past two decades, this has been the constant occurrence of things in Nigeria.

Since the normal isn't working anymore, we have to resort to new openings made available globally for young and willing minds.

Crypto to the Rescue
Crypto has united the world together and this has given most people from low income countries the opportunity to survive the hardship in their various countries.

With the emergence of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and blockchain technology, people all over the world are entering into the DAOs and blockchain world to liberate themselves from the shackles of poverty and centralization.

It should be noted that centralization has limited the efforts of people to rubble's, but with the emergence of DAOs, most individuals who weren't able to move into their financial freedom are now pushing towards achieving that.

As we speak, there about 9,000 cryptocurrencies in the world and a lot of blockchains that people can engage themselves in to earn a living or passive income streams from.

I can easily say that blockchains and DAOs have employed millions of people all over the world.

Why is Crypto Revolution Necessary Across the World
Crypto revolution simply means liberating and redirecting the minds of peoples all over the world about the economic solutions cryptocurrencies have to offer the entire world.

It's worthy to note that 10% of the world's population haven't heard about the workings of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, so there's need to spread this goodnews across every corners of the world.

We're currently experiencing government interference on crypto activities across the world, but with the ongoing crypto revolution across the world, a time will come when, peoples across the world will rise up to fight against government interference.

Join the crypto revolution today to make the future healthier for the unborn generations to come.