xPolyCub-vexPolycub Ratio 1:1 Moves in a Geometric Sequence. Read to know why!

Hello LeoFinance ecosystem!

It's great to note that many Lions 🦁 are buying into the idea of staking xPolyCub for a 2 year period and within 48 hours after it went live about 40% of the total xPolyCub were already locked up into vexPolyCub.



It over 72 hours now, I believe that an additional 5-10% xPolyCub should have been staked into vexPolyCub. To me, this is one of the fastest LeoFinance project to receive this number of support from the ecosystem and the hive blockchain at large. This analysis is subject to correction.

As the day goes by, one of my duty as a believer of LeoFinance project, most especially the PolyCUB yield optimizing platform, is to discover means on how vexPolyCub and other value accrual model works and bring them to the general public to build their confidence in the project.

The major question that'll arise is to know what backs vexPolyCub and what ratio of xPolyCub does vexPolyCub have.

In the case of what platform is vexPolyCub backed up with, it's very clear that vexPolyCub doesn't exist without xPolyCub and the main purpose of vexPolyCub is to increase or improve governance on the PolyCUB hemisphere.

I'll love to say that the ratio of xPolyCub-vexPolycub isn't calculated from an arithmetic sequence but probably from a geometric sequence.

The ratio starts at 1 xPOLYCUB per 1 vexPOLYCUB. As POLYCUB is bought on the market by PoL and deposited into the vexPOLYCUB vault, the 1:1 ratio will increase. 1 vexPOLYCUB will always be worth more than 1 xPOLYCUB.Source

From the above, one can deduce that the xPolycub-vexPolycub ratio begins with the 1:1 but doesn't end with that ratio. This is because at the initial stage, the buyback methodology hasn't been put into place, but as time goes on, it'll naturally follow a geometric sequence and a time will come when the ratio might become 1:10.

Just have this in mind as I conclude this post, the ratio between xPolyCub and vexPolyCub on the vexPolyCub lock doesn't move on a downward trends but moves upwards, nevertheless, that doesn't change the fact that the market price of PolyCub can go either higher or drop below what it is today. The only unique thing I can say is that the numbers of vexPolyCub generated in 2 years time will give you an amazing yield that'll overwhelm your financial expectations.

Thank you!

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it'll naturally follow a geometric sequence and a time will come when the ratio might become 1:10.

It will reach 1:10 but that will only happen MANY MANY years from now...

To be exact (1.2)^X=10
resolve that you have X = 12.6293
So it will reach a ratio of 10... 12.6 years from today 😅

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