You can't escape who you truly are: Living fake lives on IG, Facebook and Twitter doesn't pay - Nature will decode the code in a real world


Hello Cent community!

I've observed for a very long time that people claim to be who they're not on social media platforms most especially on IG and twitter, but in the real world they tend to be worse than who they claimed to be on those platforms.



Apart from the above mentioned social media platforms, the next situation that you can see fake expressed is in new relationships. Unveiling new relationships is like cracking a hard nut. Most people nowadays enter into relationships claiming that they're good people and angels in human form. Good for them.

Everyone on planet earth, has a past, present and a future. An average young person have a dirty past that he or she wants to protect from being exposed to their partners. But at the first instance, everyone is presented as angels, until situations and challenging times sets in.

Challenges have a way of exposing the true person in you. Good times in a relationship, whether marriage or just mere relationship are usually enjoyable, but when the storms of life appears, everything tends to dwindle to the ground.

Our clothes and dresscode doesn't truly define who we really are. Although, it is said that the way dress is the way you'll be addressed. That on its own isn't completely true, it's just my opinion. The reason for the above is because, many who can't afford expensive clothes go to extra miles to borrow from friends to be addressed as rich and elegant when they're poor and hungry.

Many people after camouflaging during the day, return to their poor homes begging for what to eat and how to feed the next day.

Living a fake life, made a Nigerian undergraduate to deny her mother on campus, when the mom visited her suddenly. This is very awkward and very annoying but can only be related to flagging off what you're not.

Decoding the code is a natural selection process that everyone must face and one of the ways nature does this is true karma. It's usually said that what goes around comes around. After flagging off a luxurious lifestyle on IG and twitter, the individual will return home back to poverty and hunger. If I may ask, who's being deceived, the person or the general public. It's clear to say that the person is being deceived.

Being a truthful person helps a lot to reduce much expectations from you. If you tell people that you're broke, you might not know where help will come from. Living an egoistic lifestyle when you don't have anything, can put you into a big mess.

Sometimes life will teach such people lessons they'll never forget in their entire life. One day, someone in my neighborhood borrowed a fellows car just to camouflage and on his way with his girlfriend (who have always thought he's the owner of the car), he suddenly bashed his neighbors car, just how depressed he was for months, using his life savings to repair the borrowed car.

A life of truthfulness and integrity pays a lot. Change your attitude on social media platforms and be real.

Thank you.