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Creo here yet again. I tend not to enter many of these $PIZZA competitions but this one certainly peaked my interest and I have spend many days thinking about it.

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What are some of my most memorable game(s)

Firstly, let's look at history. I have been playing games now for about 30 years. From my uncle bringing round his Toshiba MSX and playing Gauntlet, through the ZX Spectrum, Atari, Amiga... various consoles until I got my own PlayStation (now PS1) for Christmas one year.

Toshiba MSX

Needless to say I have been a gamer for most of my life and I have seen games come and go ranging from the BEST to the Worst. This post really isn't about that... This is about the most memorable...

Quit Stalling...

First place for me was an easy choice for me... I'll talk more on that later but first let me give a few honourable mentions of games that stood out and why..

Honourable Mentions

Neverwinter Nights


A spectacular RPG game set in the Forgotten Realms D&D 3.5e (I think). This game was so expansive, huge, story driven and immersive. It was one of my first experiences of just sinking so deep into a fantasy game, a trait I am yet to lose. I know there are older games based in the D&D universes and trust me I've played them all (EOTB, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Torment to name a few) but it was the feel, the overall atmosphere of a plague ridden city and you actually making a difference that made it most memorable for me.

Side note: I am currently a player in a tabletop D&D 5e game based on this exact story and it's so exciting to back on the Sword Coast

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater



Ok chill, chill... we are talking memorable, not better. Reason mainly for this is playing cold or rainy days, all day with my sister or cousin trying to beat those high scores.

Bucky Lasek was my dude through and through.. and the moment when that favourite song came on (Superman - Goldfinger) from an incredible soundtrack.. You don't forget that... don't ask me to name my fave park, I liked a few of them...

So here I am, doing everything I can, holding on to what I am. Pretending I'm a superman..

Airwalk to kickflip McTwist, nosegrind switch to smith, 360 Japan Air with a cheeky heelflip before landing... 90,000 points

(The Secret of) Monkey Island


You fight like a Dairy Farmer!

(Really, you fight like a cow)

Lucasarts... my word back in the day.. the games they released. Indiana Jones, Monkey Island, Loom (Ask me about it), Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle.. geeez

The Monkey Island series was by far my fave, combining humour, puzzles, adventures, swordfighting, treasure hunting.. I could go on.. I played the whole series, the special editions, the TellTale episodes.. Now this is a game that needs a nostalgia sequel.

I specifically chose the first in the series because it was the journey starter.. a game I never finished because of that STUPID GET THE BANANA PICKER puzzle, until nearly 20 years later. I mean look at these top level graphics


Man, I might go play it again now...

Ok, done with the honourable mentions.. time for the main event

And the winner is...

I can't, I can't do it.. this games brings back so many memories... but not the joy, the excitement like the last 3.

This brings back pain... heartbreak, sorrow.


This game is perfect. In every way. I put so many hours into it and here's why.

Besides the obvious phenomenal story, world and emotions (you know the scene, I don't wanna talk about it).

I was in my very early teens, I had been playing through this game and was thoroughly enjoying it as most people did.

I was in science physics class, a note came to the class "Creo, you have to get the bus home today."
I was due to be picked up after school and I thought that it was just a minor inconvenience. My uncle picked me up at the bus station. "Creo, your father has been in an accident"

With out going into too much detail, he should have been dead.. he barely survived, a shell of a man I knew. Something that still affects him to this day.

Anyways.... I poured my heart and soul into this game.. all of my confusion, hurt, pain.. all of it and when that scene came up... I bawled my eyes out SOO much as it crescendoed in the most defining point in my life.

So this is why it is most memorable, this is why I won't play it again, am scared to play the remastered version. It changed me.



So yes, if you enjoyed this please stick in a comment... or a like.. let's talk!

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