The Market is Breathing


The market is breathing a little today, as Bitcoin rose to reach about 19 thousand dollars and Ethereum rose again to cross the barrier of 1000 dollars, in a clear indication of the increase in purchases today, but the question remains on our minds, can Bitcoin rise above 20 thousand dollars again?

The rise of Bitcoin today gives some positive impetus to many users, but in my personal opinion, even if the Bitcoin rises above 20 thousand dollars, this does not consider the return of the market to rise again until if the weekly close is above 20 thousand dollars again, then we are close again to move away about the bear.

But until this moment, this is a very good time to buy, although I am convinced that Bitcoin will experience further decline, so you have to divide your capital to buy from several regions when it reaches 16 thousand dollars or less.

The cycle of ups and downs that the market is exposed to in the long term is a normal pattern for the cryptocurrency market, which is a positive thing, as I mentioned to you, as it is an opportunity to buy more currencies and support your portfolio so that you can get the largest doubling of your money.

Projects and coins that may fall on the way

In these circumstances in which we live in the world of cryptocurrency, many currencies and projects may fall, as happened with Celsius and also with Luna. Not all networks can bear the decline that occurs and the Bear Market that we started in.

You may find Stable coins dropping and you may find projects that cannot pay their users, and to be fair, it is not a requirement that these projects are scam, but the surrounding conditions in the cryptocurrency market have made them unable to continue.

Therefore, the best plan is to divide your capital either into 10 parts or into 5 parts, and you can buy currencies divided into your capital or continue in projects in an equal ratio, each project is 10% or 20% of your capital.

Because we know that when the Bitcoin rises, the cryptocurrencies rise with it, as well as the rest of the projects. Therefore, your divided investment is safe, and if there is a defect in any project or the fall of no currency, you will lose only 20% or 10% of your capital, and this is the goal where you secure your entry points and secure your capital.

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