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Lovely Images of Ethnic People BY @trangbaby

During my trip to the North of Viet Nam, I have met many amazing people who are from various ethnic minorities. I enjoy seeing & taking photographs of people in the remote and it makes me feel good & happy.

Un antojo marino | A craving for fish BY @eugelys

On Friday I had a strong craving for fish, but I am very eager. I live in a coastal city called Puerto La Cruz and to buy fresh fish I don't have to travel far. Although with the gasoline rationing plus the quarantine, which we are going through, it is not possible for me to move around as much as I would like. You have to think very carefully about the trips you can make and these end up being, for the most part, to go and buy food.

[ESP-ENG] Llegó la navidad a mi hogar / Christmas came to my home BY @canelarecetas

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year, the family gathers to celebrate, the houses are filled with beautiful lights and the Christmas spirit takes over everyone.

Eating Healthy Food: Javanese Gado-gado & Fish 'n Chips BY @devyleona

Yesterday i took my mom to check her eyes in an eye hospital which was located on Teuku Cik Ditiro Street, Menteng area - Central Jakarta. There, also a healthy restaurant. Maybe you asked me why i said it is healthy, it is because they didn't put any MSG (monosodiumglutamat) on their food.

I went to our National Botanic Garden this Friday.. BY @shuvo71

Life seems to have changed completely during this time. Everything seems monotonous. School, College, Varsity all closed.A tiny virus that cannot be seen with eye has changed the color of the whole earth.

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