Crypto market always present opportunities

We need to start becoming more open minded towards the market itself , because we are in a bearish season do not mean that we cannot still get good trading opportunities at the crypto market at any particular period of time..

I engage in the DCA strategy whenever there is a bearish season on the market , and whenever the market becomes bullish again , I then began to sell off and take profits..

For every kind of market that we have, there are always opportunities present there , infact I am among the individuals who believe that the bear season is the best time to make investment as it helps you to get so many good crypto at a cheaper price , and those crypto would become a good profitable money machine for yoh when they finally became bullish.

One do not need to wait for the bulls season on the market before he or she can make meaningful trades..

Another way I engage with the bear market is that I sometimes trade futures during the process, since I know that the market will often be bearish in the bearish season, I just often place the sell button while trading the futures and most of the time , my trades will run into profits simply because the whole market is bearish and so the price will often come down than it goes up.. .

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