Hive Teaches Good Habits


Every time I see this picture I smile as this was used for an article on the Hive Blockchain not ours the other one, the Bitcoin Mining Company from Canada. Talk about a slap in the face lol.

How many times have we heard that Hive is very similar to a computer game as there are so many similar characteristics. The more you grow the more influence you hold as it allows you to do way more which allows you to grow even quicker. Power bars etc depicting your Hive Vote values and how much life/percentage you have used.

I think many of us were lucky to find Hive very early on in our crypto careers and has most definitely influenced the way we think. Hive teaches you a building mindset as when you are starting out the struggle is real. The first goal is to become bigger so as you at least can have a vote that reflects you have voted or registers some value. For some strange reason in my early Hive days I can recall voting on a post and it was worth less after I voted which made me feel terrible.

The staking mindset I can recall being told by another user is detrimental to your growth as you need to look outside of Hive as well. Not recalling who it was all I can remember is they powered down and returned a few years later and are now insignificant. They have nothing to show for their time on the blockchain and I am sure regret that decision.

When you have the building/staking mentality you know no different and who was to imagine that most crypto projects have that type of mentality today. If you were staking 5 or 6 years ago you were doing something that investors are only coming to grips with now. How many airdrops get dumped yet on places like Hive we stake them as the value will be there in 5 years time. Leo had something like a 60 percent ratio at one point for staking vs liquid.

Some people may have never saved in their lives before and now they will get to try this for their first time as this is basically what staking is. The ability to grow by not spending maybe easier for some to control, but over time even the spenders should be staking.

Those of us on Hive have been using compound growth from day one and there is nothing that comes close to matching it. Building your stake and watching the rewards compound along with the interest is seriously magical. This is somehting that makes Hive stand out head and shoulders above all other projects as what we have here is unlike anything else.

If we consider something like 42% of all Hive is powered up as Hive Power leaving 58% liquid wherever that might be on exchanges or in wallets. The accounts that are growing are staking and the bigger these accounts become the more they will earn and stake. In theory the 58% should slowly decrease due to the staking mindset. The new accounts who have just joined or will be joining will learn the same mindset as without stake you have imitations on what you can do.

If you want to get further in the game you need to grow as your power bar being your vote value increases. I have heard many say how complicated Hive is to understand which is also true, but then again there are many straight forward parts as well.

Over the 5 years I have been in Crypto I have not converted any crypto into FIAT and this I can put down on how hard it was to grow on Hive and appreciate every single token as it means far more than the monetary value. Maybe I have become some type of hoarder, but I also see that as a good thing long term.

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I have been using my HBD as a sort of piggy bank. I convert my spare change from my daily transactions into HIVE and then turn a portion of that into either Hive power or HBD that then, in turn, is locked into savings.

Like a piggy bank.