Just Whine, No Cheese Please!



Today, December 26, is National Whiners Day. It's hard to imagine a day would be dedicated to whining but indeed it is. I'm sure there's no shortage of things to whine about, however, there are a couple of caveats.

  1. No whining about Christmas gifts received.
  2. Give thanks for all that you have.

National Whiners Day was created in 1986 by Rev. Kevin Zaborney. Although the day is designated as a whining day, Rev. Zaborney wanted to encourage people to take stock of all the good and not focus on whining to the point of being ungrateful. Whine about doing the dishes, the dirty laundry that needs to be done, or even having to take out the trash in freezing cold temperatures. But maintain perspective and realized many less fortunate weren't able to give or receive gifts this season. Some are struggling for daily meals, much less a big Christmas feast. People are in hospitals fighting illness, others don't even have a roof over their head.

For those who decide to participate in whining day, remember to add some balance of gratefulness too.

In my opinion, the more you have to whine about, the better off you are than a lot of people.