Bata Drum Monday! <--> Rising Star Packs Opening & Giveaway #114 (Win NFT)

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Welcome to the Rising Star Packs Opening and Giveaway video! Getting into my old habit of posting regularly... It's Monday and I'm here with the new giveaway and pack opening video!

As usual, I have opened 12 Rising Star packs and got 12 rare and 24 common cards... This time, I didn't get any double rares in the packs, nor epic cards... Something tells me that it could happen in the next video... :)

Don't forget to check the giveaway inside the video... The rules are easy, you check the video, find the pack from which you have to choose ONE card, and put the name of that card in the comment section! The lucky winner will be chosen by a random picker inside the NEXT Rising Star video!

Check out the video for more details!

If you are not playing this game, you can sign up here

Thanks for watching!

Music by: Heyson .:. Royale


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