Raves Are Live!!! - Rising Star News, Progress, Packs Opening, and Giveaway #129 (WIN NFT!)

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Welcome to the newest Rising Star video! Probably the most awaited addition to the Rising Star is finally live! Raves are operational and everyone can take part in them and there will be distributed first HIVE rewards to the winners! More details about this dynamic part of the game can be found in the official post... Of course, you can expect many tutorials, videos, and strategies from different players in the next few days... I have to admit that I didn't dive into Raves yet, but I will jump on board for sure! While I was writing this description the official tutorial is published! Check it out here https://peakd.com/hive-195370/@risingstargame/raves-tutorial

In other news, we have a new festival that is held in Colombia this week, so if you are collecting wristbands, don't forget to do the mission while it's active...

Regarding my progress, I fell another place in the rankings, and I'm currently at 61st! Other numbers went up as I'm buying packs regularly... This time I did it too and opened my regular 12 packs... In the last post I mentioned that I'm in a "hunt" for Evelyn and Penelope and in this video, I found one of those 2 NFTs!

Don't forget to check the giveaway inside the video... The rules are easy, you check the video, find the question for it, and answer the question in the comment section... The lucky winner will be chosen by a random picker inside the NEXT Rising Star video!

Check out the video for more details!

If you are not playing this game, you can sign up here

Thanks for watching!

Music by: Heyson .:. Royale


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