Faucet Party with Horizen!


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Did you remember the Horizen faucet i spammed ages ago; you should... Because if you followed my link and claimed the free ZEN every day, now you would be a happy man!! The ZEN token back then has a price range between 2$ to 5$ and the portions you get by claiming the faucet would be ok, BUT, there is a big BUT here and it's the current ZEN price!
ZEN i trading right now at 76$, a huge burst in price during the current Bull run!!!

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I hope you claimed some free ZEN while was still sooooooo cheap! If you don't it's not that late since the ZEN faucet offers may multipliers (Brave browser, official ZEN wallet, account link, bonus round) that they can boost your earnings, so here's my link again: https://getzen.cash/auth/register?ref=100709

Something that i really liked about Horizen, is that they offer you the opportunity to learn about Blockchain technology with their own Acadeymy, the Horizen Academy

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We have created the Horizen Academy for the central purpose of sharing our knowledge and passion for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency with everyone - no matter their skill level. Through education, Horizen wants to contribute to the widespread adoption of this important technology. Begin exploring our educational articles now!

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