Splinterlands season rewards and Chaos Legion!!!


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The season ended and i could easily finish at Silver I if i had the power (i was rated 1739) but in the end my initial target achieved, finished in Silver II and got the 15 loot chests!! Here what i got for this season :

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Well... You can't tell it good draw that's for sure but it's not bad either, 9 monster cards, 3 alchemy potions and 18 DEC. I was super confident about that draw and i was pretty sure that i would get at least an epic and maybe a legendary, but meh it was just a dream LOL.

Next is something that I and every Splinter player was waiting for, the Pre sale event for Chaos Legion packs! Here was the second slap and that one heart me much more.. I knew that for the event we need vouchers that will be distributed to those who had staked SPS according to the staked amount. I also knew that i will not get many but i never thought that would be only 0.579 LOL, so i have to delay my first Chaos Legion pack purchase just for one day, its not that bad now im thinking it again.

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