Again Cubfinance Broke Its Resistance, Big Things Could Be Coming For Cubfinance


The market price to cubfinance the value of this coin and it really hasn't happened. we haven't received that outcome of that strength .

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We need to realize. you might need to make some adjustments. we're going to make some adjustments the market for cubfinance why the market has gone stable. we can see the expectation of higher price movement is waning one of the biggest things the market has broken many lines.
The cubfinance price predictions we're losing some of to continue to push the price up the price and cubfinance could not come back up above line.we're not strong anymore to expect price to go up as of this particular moment considering.

We're not expecting the price to go up in cubfinance. the market will continue to trade sideways the price would go'll be a lot better in understanding where the market is likely to go you have to trust.what you're seeing on the market and not try to manipulate.i know you might be a long-term holder but the market is not giving us environment.
What i'm going to do the price prediction. we don't want to hide anything we can learn from these things and what happened on september.what we're learning in terms of not expecting the price to go up the marketing cubfinanc.we'll be uo 55 cents.

What we can still get in position there's other opportunities.we could come and reclaim we've have opportunity in the marketing cubfinance to where we can't deny it the price tried to come back up where it felt and every day the market tried to come back up above line it got rejected the more likely that price is going to go up.

We're going to break this market and cubfinance. where the market support into the marketing cubfinance we need to see cool market is able to hold 60 cents

we need to see what is the expectation can we see the market and cubfinance still hold 55 cents we'll have to adjust our support area for the long term and maybe bring it up to 55 cents we need to see the market and cubfinance come in and hold go ahead we're currently closing on the high end of the bar

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