Again Polkadot Biggest Daily Closing During This Run ! Next Target 🎯 Price Is 35 Dollars

We didn't have long to play the weakness into the market in polkadot. it is still intact we still know what the price in polkadot is trying to go is it still trying to go higher .
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We've done our price prediction then you missed out you were to get out you'll be up 30 percent if had gotten out on the close of august. the price in polkadot has been charged because not only has this price in polkadot been keeping itself above line.
We've also been consolidating we've been pressurizing the market in polkadot for seemingly looks to be like a breakout.This consolidational trading range has gone on in polkadot and it's i want you all to see that the price in polkadot has been maintaining itself between 31 dollars

We've been bouncing our way in between this line. we have a small center where we broke out but market to say this has been the consolidation rate this is how we've been trading since august. the market and test has been consolidating since the market and test has been maintaining that line this long term ascendant line price is still trying to go up.
This price chart to a longer time frame the market break above 31 dollars that's the problem and i want to prepare everyone for this is the price and polkadot. the next problem this is the next issue for price in polkadot to overcome in order for us to continuously higher price.

The market in polkadot they wasn't expecting the price to break out and continue to go higher they would not to see this play out man that gives us even more credibility and credence that the market in polkadot is trying to go up .

The market is trying to go up all in all based off these price bars the market in polkadot is trying to go up what i'm trying to do is i'm trying to base your presumption on. we got that we understand that the price in polkadot is trying to go up.

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