Bitcoin Didn't Completely Fall Instead We Closed Higher Than The Close


We can actually still see the bitcoin price go down. we were to see the market really take a move lower but it didn't happen what do you all think the markets .
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What do you all see on the price chart. we just got to interpret it correctly see this is my expectations. the market is trying to hug the support area until the earnest release. he's going to try to move the market on that day what i'm trying to tell you prepare you for is expect the market to move either.

We're showing how the market is trying to prepare itself to hold suppor the mark's going to continue to trade. the market's going to break out or break down you i might actually change this around from the market in bitcoin going down.
What happened though the market went the opposite direction and went down.the market just doesn't want to go up it just does not want to go up.what do we need to do. we need the market to continue to give us weakness until we see a change occurring in space.

The market in bitcoin is going to come and follow this trend you see that it's simple, we are actually still following the market price bitcoin in an upward trend.this market is still off this overall assembly line we can still see the price go down but 40,000 dollars would be the place to find.

The market proper price it would be the place would actually see Strike through reverse to when the market goes down to a starter to go back up .the overall trend bitcoin is still in an down trend as long as the price stays above this overall line. what price will always go up forever as long as price stays above this line .

We will always go up we have 40,000 dollars first second areas around 41,00 dollars.we cannot see price break what i'm trying to tell you we cannot see price and bitcoin going no lower. than because if we do and price breaks it on weakness we are in a bear market and the market expectation of going higher is no longer there. the next area would be to see price come in and hit 45,000 dollars.

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