Bitcoin Huge High ! Big Month Coming Price Increase 20 x


You know until we break up towards 55k that's our measure move of our wedge. we could just be in a rising channel bitcoin is at about 49,700. we are about 49,700 at the top of this channel i want to see a break if somewhere above 49,000 really 49,800.
images 5.jpeg

I think that is going to be breaking out of this possible i would like to see us confirm a breakout you know kind of denying this possible falling .you can see our touches are perfect same as our falling wedge but this is really the last possible consolidation pattern we could possibly in for bitcoin but if we do break this level to the upside that would confirm you know that we are definitely going higher in my opinion and i would like also for us to break 51,200.
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You can see the confluence at this level support all throughout this area and then our resistance then our resistance again i would like for us to break not only this falling channel possible resistance that it's kind of just speculation.

We're actually getting resistance at this level as we speak but if we can get back above that level guys and also break 51,200 that would pretty much if you look left we i mean it's pretty much straight up straight down from there we could just be going pretty high all the way back up to around 58,000.

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