Cubfinance PUMP From Dump Back To 50 Cents 🥲 !Next Price Depends On Market Situation


The market in cubfinance to go down.this market in cubfinance has been on the downtrend price has been decreasing 25 percent. you're able to profit and win in the market by predicting.
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Where price is going to go into the future five days price really trapping the bulls.the price to go up the price in cubfinance has been in a downtrend ever since what beginning of the month price has been in a downtrend in cubfinance.

The price because almost every other day the price what is your feeling by looking at this price. you feel bearish you look for the price to go up bearish means you're looking for the price to go down.You're looking for a price to go one way up or down.
What do you think the market currently is weak obviously whoever participates in this market for cubfinance wants the price to go down or the case then price wouldn't be going down people want the market to decrease in cubfinance.b

If there really was some bullishness or some upward momentum or interest price would be going up.Why are we trying to kid ourselves to think the price in cubfinance is a buy when in fact the market continues to decrease in value.the marketing sell is about to go up. you think it's about to go down because the information is already think about it in one centralized location.

What people think and we have to do is literally look at the price bars and the volume to say cool.What does the majority of the people think about cubfinance and they think the market is weak this market wants to hold 45 cents.

I can definitely see this will be one outlier will stop the progression of cubfinance going down 49 cents the market and cubfinance did it all the way back in the beginning of this month .

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