Ethereum Classic Price Can Go From 3800$ To 4000 $ !Eth Ready For Massive Move

The market in ethereum went up. we were suspecting the price in ethereum to go up but take a look at where we said the market was going to find some restriction and it didn't even take long the market price and ethereum out literally in some days.
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We was expecting the price in ethereum to go any higher than the market can get rejected there on our line. we know you can actually predict where the market is going to find restriction the price in ethereum to hit 3400 dollars. when the market was trading around 3250 dollars.

The ethereum price to go up there towards 3400 dollars and the market can even break above 3600 missed out on the profitability chances. you missed it there profitability was given to us the next some day that is over one thing. we try to do on this particular challenge we stay ahead of everyone else in this space.
We don't want to be reactionary we want to be proactive and our understand as to where the market's going to go the market to get where we expect it you cannot change the price bars you cannot change the volume came in on any particular day. we cannot come back and try to move things around to make it applicable to our situation.

What we want to see this is actual factual.we're in a uptrend in ethereum ever since market hit restriction on the september. we are in a uptrend cool we have no problems the market is dipping hints to us it is getting us information. we need to make the rational decisions as to what we need to do the market is currently in a uptrend in ethereum .

We really see this price double in october. when currently the market is in a uptrend. we see this price double increase to around 4,000 dollars in october.what i'm saying we gotta push all this hype aside and literally focus in on the price. we're in a uptrend just by looking at this daily price chart the market is going to find support in ethereum.

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