Ethereum Eip-1559 Great Effect On Price !Eth Market Broke 2,500 Soon


The market in ethereum and for the most part we got pretty close to our ultimate price day was june the 28rd the market and ethereum came close to our ultimate price .why we're giving you a broad brush as to where we're looking for the market to go because if i were to tell you precisely on the penny that is too stringent into understanding where the market can actually go.
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What i want you all to realize is that when we did our price prediction on june 29 take a look at this price we did a price prediction we only told you that the expectation of where price was gonna go was towards 2,500 dollar how do we know that because the market you see and grab did not even break past a 2,400 dollar where the weakness came through and price came back up you're understanding that you're not trying to be too greedy .


You're not trying to stay in longer than what you have to we told you back on june we were looking for the market to get strong around that point and that is precisely what happened because take a look the price and ethereum continues to up because ethereum launch new project I want to say congratulations to you if you was able to see the same thing you did overextend yourself you wasn't being greedy you wasn't being emotional .

I'm gonna take around this 2,450 dollar .you would have gotten out at a profit before this market and ethereum continue to go high in price the market in ethereum actually broke this area this is something that we could not allow to happen for us to really see strength come through the market and ethereum we broke this 2,000 dollar area. we already need to be under the premise that the market is still high the trap is not lying to us every price bar.

W e see every volume bar we see is actually legitimate price action like people actually came through and put in positions on what they expected the market to do and this market in ethereum is clearly in a uptrend due to blockchain upgradation whoever is in this market telling you to buy this needs to be careful about what they say because the charge is not reflecting and if it's not reflecting that from our perspective.


We're not going to tell you that we keep it real on this particular and if you're real then you need to join us if you're not then you need to go somewhere else this chart and grab is still telling us that the price is going uptrending

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