Leo Price Was Going To downfall !Next Target 🎯 Price 15 Cents 😭


We expect the price to go down originally from the gate didn't go down you can visually see it the price instead of going down in leo we had our expectation of of noticing where restriction would come in where price would come back down but instead of it being around 22 cents.
images 27.jpeg
The market restriction came all the way up.we got wrong was where our expectations of restriction would be at we said 25 cents it was actually around 22 cents. the market was just going up you might be thinking man what happened to the prediction we was too early to the party that's all.
The market came all the way down the market that's wow crazy this is how you're able to understand what the market is anticipated to do. we've held this forecast september 7th just to eat off 10 percent people some analysts may be saying well the market for leo may be on the value that it should be going up.

We need to know the price in leo is not ready to go up not. we can still see price trade. we need to do is to come through and extend out this line.we appreciate the giving us this information he gives us information every day. he comes in and trades the market.we know don't expect the market in leo to go up we see price break 20 cents.
The price to come up above seeing the last rejection point was around 23 cents i won't bring it up.we could keep track of the market.we can see the market and leo come in and grab support.what we're going to do seeing how the market in leo has not broken this support area around 24 cents.

We see the price in leo break to the downside we can still see the price hold it simple under the premise.the market in leo. it tried to go up it tried to maintain price but we still are seeing weakness and people trying to sell the market to leo.

The price brought up all of the people who was trying to sell their leo into the market.the total market needs to be absorbed and evaporated before price goes up. we're still seeing the weakness in the marketing leo

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