Binance Market Can Dip A Little Bit Higher Than Expectations !|What's Actually Happening With Binance🙏

The market to go higher and also be prepared for the market price to go lower what we do we play both sides of the markets we don't care if the market is going to shoot up we don't care the market going to shoot down.
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The last price prediction we all collaborate and expect where we're forecasting price to go the market price and binance to go higher we wanted everyone the price in binance to pump and you see it no hiding it at all the market in binance did go higher we got that ultimate price out the market.

We finally got we expected the market to hold support it wasn't far ultimate area was actually around 320 dollar we had our support around three we are trading around a very important price level even trading along our line i cannot reiterate enough how important line we need to see the market in binance keep price above 320 dollar
The market price come above we see both those things happen that contributes to how strong the market in binance really is if only one of the two things happened then we're going to see this market either consolidate and we continue to break down in price .

The trap has already confirmed it like 300 add support we appreciate him telling us this is how you're able to read the market.

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