My Hivewatchers blacklist.My apology to the Hive community.


I have been working in the hive community for over a year. but I have taken some steps in my account due to which I have lost my importance.Some mistakes I shouldn't have made in the hive account.I am very ashamed of my mistakes.I apologize to the entire Hive community and @hivewatchers for my mistake.

Why Hivewatchers Blocked My Account

The first reason i had not read terms and condition in hivewatchers.

The second reason was to repost the previous posts without any changes for many times. as you can see in the pictures below
link 1

link 2

link 3

link 4

link 5

All these posts have been reposted. If I had known I would never have made such a mistake. if you look another way there is no plagiarism found in my blogs.

If you look the other way because I do my job with great diligence and dedication.I have written over 900 articles in Hive.But because of a small mistake I lost my job.I apologize to the entire hive community and @hivewatchers for my actions.

I want to be given one last chance so that I can continue my work and correct the mistake I have made.I again apologize to the hive committee and ask them to remove me from the blocklist so that I can continue my great work.pleas @hivewatchers remove my name on blocklist and give me permission to done your jobe

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