Solana Back In Bullish Pattern ! Solana Is Ready To Go To 150 dollars Soon 🙂 Market Analysis

Where to expect prices to go the market actually went up the first days. we should have brought it all the way up to 140 dollars. we should increase adjusted from our price prediction.
images 14.jpeg
The market price what the market has done in relation to our price prediction. he brought the price down in solana. i would say a pretty good the market in solana has been on a slow downward trend. we still on a downward trend go ahead get rid of this price prediction.the market in solana is going to go the market has been in a very slow upward trend.
The price is still barely closing below line. this is going to be very crucial for the market in solana to confirm the price is still going to follow this overall trend. we need to see the price in solana plain and simple start trading above that line.

We understand the overall trend in the long term in solana is one of higher prices. we still see the market in solana. you can see there's a lot of weakness hovering around this line. we don't need to see this if we really wanted the price in solana to go up. we need to see strength the market selling it
What it is people are not really interested in pursuing.the market higher in solana going to shoot up high in price is going to be on a new bull run.when the market you see from the chart is in a stable currently this market in solana is still weak. we still got weakness into the market in solana our price prediction it is still viable it is still valid nothing has changed the market in solana is still harnessing weakness.

If we would have seen the price in solana on this last complete days price bar close on the high our price prediction would have been wrong we would have came in and said hey we got this one wrong is in fact looking stronger than what we anticipated we're looking for the price to go up .

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