Solana Back In Bullish Pattern ! Solana Is Ready To Go To 180 Dollar Soon

What the market has done in solana the price went up great call 160 dollars. you can see the market didn't go no lower than 161 dollars.
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We're pretty much in the vicinity as to where we were expecting the price to hold support we can actually utilize to see we actually get a rebound in price for solana throughout the month of october.we are already on course to see this price in solana in the uptrend.

The price in solana can go up. we're in the uptrend.we continue to go higher you all to really see the market in solana is really giving us this type of trading though the market in a massive bull run.we're not the market currently is doing in solana the price action.

I will say over the last couple of months has been within these lines look at this the hurdle in order for us to really see price exceed our expectations. we will have to see price break above 160 dollars. we trade throughout the month of october keep in mind price has to go above.


We see a monumental move higher in price. the price action in the solana actually looks pretty decent how the price closed for solana. we just got finished with price was able to close higher the market is coming in this particular range and buying up the supply and the market to go up in solana.

I'm not extremely bullish in any sense of the word. i'm looking for some type of solana a lot of these other crypto. we see the price go up take a look you still the price in solana is still in the upward trend. this is fantastic even throughout the month of october for us to continue to see this price and solana go up.

The price is still maintaining itself on top of this line as long as the market will always go up into perpetuity as long as price stays above that line which is currently is this trend is still intact.

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