Something crazy Is Happening To Cubfinance Price Again Hit 🎯 50 Cents


Deeply Market Analysis

We've had numerous opportunities for us to eat off this price in cubfinance. why did we expect the price in cubfinance to go around the 38 cents.the market was holding support it was already predetermined it didn't take a rocket to understand.
What's the chances of cubfinance coming in and holding support at a 45 cents.we already had a heads up the price of cubfinance was coming down. he said look i've already shown you a 40 cents.the market price at cubfinance and look at how he did look at how he performed all of these training days.

The marketing cubfinance maintain a 45 cents level.we appreciate this information because he tells us going forward that a 45 cents and market is still going to be support how you're able to win and profit into the market.we need to do with this line.what's the first thing we need to do we need to do is extend it.
We now know as long as price trades above a 48 cents and we're going to continue to trade sideways at best the opportunity for the market in cubfinance to go up is definitely still on the chart.he maintained price above a 48 cents.what was the market price in cubfinance doing on oct was the start of the downtrend was the start to where price was going lower and lower and lower.

It was traded lower almost every day. what's going on take a look at this what do you know cubfinance price is now breaking line. you already the price in cubfinance is no longer going to be in a downtrend. the price of cubfinance closes well below the opening price of today's price.
We're still going to go down the market downtrend is over in cubfinance at least for this time being again this still confirms the price and cubfinance is going to at least give us some consolidation of trading at least.

We're seeing the market price in cubfinance break this line. we need to go ahead and create our restriction area. where do you think the market restriction is going to be in cubfinance again the chart gives us all the information.

We need in regards to what the expectations is the nearest area of restriction into the market cubfinance is literally. where we would expect to see an increase in selling of people trying to get off the market and take the bag and take the profit and go.

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