Wleo Brokedown Where Will We Bounce?One More Pumping Coming For Wleo


The wleo price to go down a little bit you need to realize you need to believe the chart period.
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You need to believe the price and where price has gone it's literally trying to tell us.i'm trying to go down in price and when you see these certain things occur on a price.you need to take it what happened once price went to this level what happened when market got rejected on this line and the market was strong came in where the market got rejected at a 24 cents pumped the brakes in price movement for wleo.

The market in wleo is still weak where the market and wleo tried to come back up above this long-term trend. the market price in wleo has been trading below line. we are no longer in the upward trend in wleo. we cannot expect the price to continue to shoot up as of this particular moment the price is going to break down.
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We're not following trend we may actually be consolidating into the market in wleo consolidation is not a bad thing it simply means. we are building up our in price breakdown. the market so far in wleo is kind of willing to hold support.we're going to hold the new area of support in wleo around 24 cents.

We trade throughout the rest of 2021 long as the price in wleo does not break below 26 cents.we understand this consolidation of trading is building up for the market to break out above 28 cents will be our expectation.the market is not extremely strong what i'm seeing on the market doesn't look too strong.

We might get something a little different on we seeing anything different i really don't see strength on it's been a great battle between the buyers and the sellers in the market in wleo has been going on a war path between those who are willing to buy and those who are willing to sell.

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