Wleo Price Move Stable ||Wleo Was Extremely Strong That Support Area At 30 Cents

What i expected before i'm actually seeing a change. you will want somebody to tell you we did a price prediction in the market in wleo. we said the price are going to go up take a look the price did go up in wleo there in between our take profit .
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We had our ultimate price around 23 cents. we did but instead of the market came and bounced off we were in the vicinity as to where the market came in and held support. you was able to grab some of the market in wleo 24 cents price hasn't been going up .

We needed to come in.we actually gains out the market in wleo. where the price is would be up here towards 24 cents. we see the market price in wleo your eyes should already see something price chart. we should already identify a problem can you see where this problem currently is in wleo.
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The market and wleo tried to break above our line.we're not really being successful at seeing the price come back up above line.we needed to see it we need to see matter of fact in order for us to really substantiate this market and wleo going to continue to go up. .
The market is already telling us it's having problems we see it eventually break back up above that line. we can actually see what the market is trying to do we able would you predict this price in wleo is going to continue to go up higher based on .

What would be your prediction just by looking at the price bars. what the market is going to do just by looking daily price bars the market look like it wants to come back up above line how we're going to play the market .

We're not going to try to instill something we want to happen on the charts. what i'm also seeing though instead of this market in wleo really being in an upward trend.we're not really seeing what we're getting the market in wleo and is really trading within a trading range.

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