Cub Finance - BHBD-BUSD Pair - Juicy 36.13% APY


Yield farming is one of the cool things in the crypto space where you can earn sexy money right away. Exactly, the moment you stake or provide liquidity in a pool, the number increases magically. It is a complete game changer for people to generate money with a simple strategy. You need to track and monitor often to make sure it benefits you, and hopefully, the token keeps rising or staying stable.

The value of any investment is the most critical point in your decision. You want the token to stay stable in your fiat currency. So you can sell it and cash out for a nice profit to buy yourself a nice piece of cake!

One project made by the founders of this community is Cub Finance. I presume everyone knows the existence of this DeFi project on the great Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The logo is a sexy young lion that seems happy minting tokens for us to handle.

Farms in Cub Finance

My point is not to bore you with how to provide liquidity in a pool. Plenty of resources exist out there for that purpose. You can start building a stream of income that incorporates some risks. Evaluate and do your research before putting your hard-earned money in a medium like this.

The APY is generous to the minded Cub Finance community. You can get a return on your investment between 29% to 42% if you are a risk taker. Always take this interest rate with a grain of salt, because the value of the CUB token can decrease drastically. Consider especially in a bear market that a lot of tokens have lost mostly 97% of their value. Not a good thing if you want to retire from those investments.

What trading pairs are available in the Cub Finance

They implemented 7 possibilities in this great farm section where you can make decent money. Always choose the pairs that you feel the more comfortable dealing with, including a decent amount of liquidity. Something I have noticed is the most popular pair is the BHBD-BUSE algorithmic stablecoin.

The pair offer an extraordinary interest level that you can't afford to miss. At the time of this writing, the return on this pair is 36.13%. It is completely insane if you can compare it with the boring interest level of a savings bank account.

It is not magical, and never forget the extreme volatility of crypto and the associated risk. If you can take the pill of risk and you are ready to dive into it without thinking twice. It is an awesome opportunity you have on your plate.


The trading pair BHBD-BUSD offers a nice way to invest with some stability. Another benefit is the juicy rate of return at 36.13% which is hard to resist and not expose yourself to it. Consider the high risk before putting your money in an investment opportunity like this.

Now you can generate a nice APY if you are willing to take the great pill of risk!

Have a great day!

Important: I am not a financial adviser planner and take this information with a grain of salt.



Actually no risk no gain so if some dare to take risk either will win or will lose but I always believe in investing as much we can affront to lose.


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