Dapper Wallet Inventory & Offers Sections


As a promise, I want to keep going with my exploration of Dapper in the Flow blockchain. It takes time to explore new things, but that might help me discover potential and promising projects. Dapper is a wallet where you can manage your collectibles and interact with great DAPPS. It is a piece of software that is vital to manage the inventory of your crypto journey!

Other wallets exist as well on the Flow blockchain, but let's keep going with Dapper.

Inventory section of Dapper

This is an important section where you can see all your collectibles under the same umbrella. An easy way to manage everything in the same place and have the full picture of what you have in your collection. I believe you can make better decisions about what you want to sell or purchase in the free market.

Right now, you can see over 40 incredible projects under the inventory section.

Those are:

  1. OneFooball NFTs
  2. Anchain NFTs
  3. Atlanta Hawks NTFs
  4. Backpacks NTFs
  5. Badazz Bears NFTs

I will not list the 40 projects because it will be an extraordinarily long list to read in this post! Basically, the way the collectibles appear magically in the inventory is magical. It is a painless process where you have at your disposal a sexy address that is almost impossible to memorize.

When you purchase or trade, you need to make sure you send it to the proper address of your wallet. If It is not the case, you will see your outstanding collectibles or NFTs vanish in the big giant space of cyberspace. Be careful and check twice your address!

At least you can copy the address in your clipboard to paste it easily. Then you can compare it and make sure is the proper one before pressing with diligence for validating the transaction. It is important to make sure the collectible or NFT goes directly into your wallet and you can see it there.

So what you have to remember is you can manage 40 awesome projects in the inventory section of Dapper. It's pretty cool!

Offers section of Dapper


At the time of this writing, the team is working hard to make the offers section a better place. As you can see in the picture, the only offer available is the ability to explore the impressive project NBA Top Shot which is popular among collectibles enthusiasts and basketball sports fans.

Maybe this section will create a shortcut to find your next NFT masterpiece that you will check often into your wallet. A good way for projects to have visibility is among the Dapper of users and the community. It is a way to have advertising for free, but I believe the projects might need to pay to be listed under the offers section of Dapper. Marketing is marketing and is essential to bring traffic and increase your sales.


Dapper is a popular wallet to manage and interact with on the Flow blockchain. You need to have it in order to make your user experience smooth for managing your collectibles and NFTs in orders at the same place.

Dapper has an inventory section where you can browse, and manage 40 projects under the same roof! It is a prodigious way to increase your user experience and enhance your crypto journey!

The offers section is under construction and only NBA Top Shot is available. Not much right now, but I believe it will be better soon, and great content might be added.

Have a great and tremendous day!