Is Hive ripe for the Period 9 Fengshui (2024-2043) energies?


I accidentally stumbled on some materials on Period 9 Fengshui, something to do with Chinese geomancy and the energy of the place we dwell in.

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As it turns out, it is pretty interesting, if one is looking at macro development as an Earth dweller for the next 20 years (i.e. 2024 to 2043).

In the limited time I had learning about it, I gathered the following rough ideas.

Basically, it is a period of fire energy, where things supposedly move faster compared to the previous earth period where things move relatively slower. With that comes the prediction of certain trends in terms of global needs and business activities. Much of it is related to technology and how people could work remotely even more. Multiple streams of income, branding, and collaborations are supposedly ways to thrive.

Clearly, I am not an expert in Fengshui or Chinese geomancy, so I am going to refer you to search for related online materials using the search term Period 9 Fengshui so that you can learn more.

Now, I am still taking all these with a pinch of salt. After all, whatever happens to the planets, stars and moon are beyond my control. However, I can introspectively think about how our activities and strategies in Hive can be considered aligned with what is purportedly going to unfold in Period 9 Fengshui (2024-2043).

Let's just let me focus on: being fast as a technology, multiple streams of income, branding, and collaborations.

Being fast as a technology

Hive as a 3-second feeless blockchain hopefully meets the requirement of being a fast enough technology. Hopefully, such a fast speed would facilitate the fast-paced business activities that are to come. I am no Hive techie, but a worthy question to ask is whether Hive could scale if we have the user demand of say, half of what Ethereum has?

Multiple streams of income

Hive can easily be one of our many streams of income sources, through curation and posting. It is built for it and has the lowest entry difficulty, in my opinion. Just need to create an account and start posting and voting to earn!

Within Hive, there are also multiple streams of income that can be possible. Projects such as Leo, Pizza, and Splinterlands offer opportunities to earn tokens. Othes can create new communities, dapps and new tokens to build new income stream. I am sure there are more ways to generate multiple streams of income with Hive that I hadn't discovered.


While entry to Hive is easy, to succeed in Hive, it is important to be known. This is where branding is important. On top of all, be known to provide value that others wanted. That would be a brand of the account that others identify. One great example that comes to mind is Taskmaster, with his insightful daily videos, and friendly advice in the comments to fellow Hivers.

It takes time to build a brand, so I had been thinking about it as well. With the realization that there is such a thing called Period 9, I think I ought to take building the brand of Cryptothesis more seriously if I hope that it becomes one of my multiple streams of income. I appreciate some advice!


In my opinion, the most valuable fit between Hive and Period 9 Fengshui is the ease of collaboration between Hivers. It is easy to talk to people in Hive because that is what people do in Hive anyway. Every comment can be seen as a form of collaboration, and that can immediately earn value when there is an upvote. That easily lead to new forms of communication, such as my linking of posts to my alliance. Other deeper form of collaboration can happen too, such as ideation of new projects!


Whether or not Period 9 Fengshui (2024-2043) is indeed coming energetically, as a Hiver, I am aware of some things that can be done to make my activity in Hive more profitable and meaningful.

P/S: This is not financial advice, and please do your own due diligence before investing.

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