RE: Use Hive, because friends don't let friends pay gas fees.


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Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Regarding onboarding of friends, I have found over the years that if I set things up for a friend and help them manage the details while they just do the writing and commenting, things go better. In general, younger folks tend to be more adventurous and have an easier time slipping into this new crypto social media world.

This makes sense. Maybe someone can create a dedicated passcode access website just for submitting a post to a designated HIVE account, let them see how much it is earning... and then... Shhh... I am going to experiment this and shall write a post to document it!

I am also keen on getting some Koinos. I am seldom OG enough so I am looking forward to such opportunities.

I like your attitude of being quite nonchalant about the future of Hive (prices), and focus on enjoying the experience. Something I had picked up of late. I am just using this as a playground for respite from my day job. I like the space for creativity here. Priceless!