Here I post video from a fellow crypto fellow CryptoSaint who I agree with most of this thoughts, I have been on crypto since 2017 seen projects come and go, trade and have been trying to make a stake out of crypto, I remember before I use to tell and explain ppl what crypto is about but lately I even took a vacation from crypto for 3 months, my local business is growing and understood that "REAL LIFE" is more important and goes on besides just discussing and trying to understand crypto. MOST OF THOSE who are whales on STEEMIT are here to make a profit but are so hypocrite that dont accept it because this is a ""decentralize"" project and then go to youtube and say yes Im on youtube to make money, come on be real, at least I have been since 2017, from now on I really see STEEM going way down and probably under $0.10 cents, dont think because Justin Sun bought STEEM INC he will keep pumping the price do you know about BTT or TRON OG DAPP "TronBet" aka so dont fool yourself thinking that you will buy cheap STEEM and make a ton out of it, probably we all need to wait go with if you think there is still hope

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