CTPChat Weekends 9/11 - Let's Geek!



Hello everyone!

This is Eliana keeping the CTPChat alive during the weekends so y'all can chill and have fun!

I'm really sorry that I didn't post last weekend, only my pc has the ctpchat account keys saved and my pc was still in my other apartment. But I'm back!

Let's play:

  • Pick one post from CTPTalk and another from the chosen community
  • Engage with them by commenting on the posts
  • Share the posts links in different comment posts and also comment what's the big takeaway from them, kind of why we should check it out
  • Try to go for a new user each time, so you can meet new people and build your following!

For each comment post you make, sharing one post from CTPTalk and a post from the chosen community, I will upvote them with my main account - @elianaicgomes - 20% each, meaning you can earn up to 40% total in CTP Tokens, which is about 10 CTP, not to mention HIVE.

Of course, I will keep upvoting every comment as normal with both accounts but these will have extra incentives :)

So for today's community, you will go for...


(clicking the image will go directly to the community)

For now, I will keep choosing the ones with a frontend so we can post directly on them and support that community!


You can always chat and ask any questions you may have besides doing these tasks!

Keep the CTP Chat alive!!





I have no words for this post. Today I'm a father and I'm also a son before we had a little while we just wanted to EU our parents let us go out to play ball, make the bus stops our goal and today yes today. Today I am a father, today I am a son, today I have children and the Internet and video games have taken the best from childhood. They took away the smiles, took away the conviviality, took away the best that human relationships have. Today we meet friends online, no one sees each other but everyone says they know each other. What world we are in will this be called evolution or will it be something else that humanity was not prepared for.