Some metrics for CTPSB

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In the last days, there were a lot of questions coming up in respect to CTPSB. In this post, I would like to share some metrics around the account.

Account size

The account owns 23'627 Hive Power today. Another 16'541 Hive Power are delegated to the project. Delegators of hive power get weekly dividends in the form of CTP tokens. The return for delegators is around 9% APR.

Top delegators

These are the top 10 delegators to @ctpsb

@cruisin3,091 HP
@metzli2,077 HP
@victor-alexander1,072 HP
@clicktrackprofit1,032 HP
@jongolson1,022 HP
@freesinger640 HP
@alokkumar121540 HP
@preparedwombat532 HP
@beststart506 HP
@elianaicgomes506 HP

The account also owns 28'737 CTP tokens that are staked plus 142'000 CTP are delegated to it.

Token supply

There are 11'410 tokens that were emitted. Of these tokens, 1987 were sent to null and burnt. This means that there are now 9422 CTPSB tokens in circulation.

Tokens are burnt when there is a power down.

Token holders

These are the top 10 CTPSB token holders.

UserNumber of tokens

A total of 160 hive users own at least 0.01 CTPSB.

Token value

The token value is defined by the hive power on the @ctpsb account divided by the number of CTPSB tokens in circulation. Today, the value of 1 CTPSB is 2.507 Hive.

The market maker

A market maker is trying to miror the token value on the market by setting buy and sell orders around the token value. There is a total of about 2500 worth of Hive in the form of CTPSB tokens and swap.hive on this market maker.

When the market maker runs out of liquidity, a power down of @ctpsb is triggered. The market maker then sells CTPSB tokens to @ctpsb which sends them to null. @ctpsb sends the according amount of swap.hive to the market maker to refill it's liquidity.

Price evolution of CTPSB

At the creation of the token in september 2021, one CTPSB token was worth 1.017 Hive. Today, it is worth 2.507 Hive.


Support of the CTP community

The CTPSB aims to support the CTP community. Every second month, we create a ranking of 40 people who will be supported by the project. To qualify, people need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Having a big stake in CTP
  • Using regularly the #ctp tag in the top 5 postions of their posts
  • Creating content that is deamed of sufficient quality. Low quality content is not supported by the project.

People can recieve maximum 1 upvote every 24hours. The voting power is shared equitably among all the people who are supported.

Find more infos regarding the project on our website

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:


Thank you for sharing all of these stats. They are very informative.


You are welcome. Thanks for supporting this project!


The details are pretty extensive, this should help understanding the project.
Lets hope this brings curiosity to invest/delegate in the project.



Thanks for the update! Nice to see I'm in the top 10 Holders.