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Curation reward: 13.341 CTP for taskmaster4450le/leo-database-ideas
Curation reward: 6.672 CTP for beststart/hive-power-up-day-december-2023-is-here
Curation reward: 2.438 CTP for melbourneswest/hive-blockchain-why-hive-should-be-the-media-and-entertainment-blockchain-of-choice
Curation reward: 1.623 CTP for luchyl/my-formidable-dreem-teem-
Curation reward: 13.333 CTP for bitcoinflood/why-apps-onchain-matter
Transferred 114.385 CTP to ctpx
Started unstake of 80000 CTP
Curation reward: 2.482 CTP for wealthwess/white-label-p2p-lending-its-impact-on-financialservices
Curation reward: 13.377 CTP for taskmaster4450/the-econonomic-value-of-tokenization-most-miss
Curation reward: 3.332 CTP for bradleyarrow/life-changes-and-building-bbh
Curation reward: 3.347 CTP for imfarhad/rising-star-giveaway-meet-neil-sedaka
Curation reward: 13.394 CTP for jongolson/tjvikueh
Curation reward: 3.302 CTP for jimmy.adames/managing-ais-unpredictable-risks-can-esg-funds-chart-a-responsible-course-for-transformative-tech
Curation reward: 6.52 CTP for fjworld/viral-traffic-genie
Curation reward: 13.294 CTP for taskmaster4450le/search-and-music-on-leo
Curation reward: 2.457 CTP for wealthwess/understanding-risk-and-reward-ratio
Curation reward: 13.35 CTP for bitcoinflood/jack-dorsey-continues-to-spew-anticensorship
Curation reward: 13.366 CTP for taskmaster4450/how-tokenization-will-shift-the-global-economy
Curation reward: 3.342 CTP for imfarhad/rising-star-giveaway-ellie-goulding-week-day-5
Curation reward: 6.674 CTP for fjworld/toofuckeh-bonus-3-is-the-start-of-another-peptevent-to-distribute-some-tokens
Curation reward: 3.346 CTP for bradleyarrow/one-door-closes-and-another-opens
Curation reward: 13.317 CTP for jongolson/wthtwoqa
Transferred 289.469 CTP to ctpx
Curation reward: 1.967 CTP for melbourneswest/bitcoin-to-go-parabolic-in-2024
Curation reward: 3.225 CTP for imfarhad/rising-star-giveaway-ellie-goulding-week-day-4-10000-starbits-ends-29-november-midnight-est-utc-0500-hrs--game-stats-and
Curation reward: 6.479 CTP for fjworld/toofuckeh-giveaway-2
Curation reward: 3.23 CTP for bradleyarrow/zealy-campaign-building-bbh
Curation reward: 6.399 CTP for josediccus/the-state-of-btc-hive-and-hbd
Curation reward: 12.599 CTP for bitcoinflood/a-holiday-special-hive-zealy
Curation reward: 12.568 CTP for jongolson/5-tips-to-write-better-blogs-on-inleo
Curation reward: 6.347 CTP for fjworld/peptevent-food-game-16-where-you-earn-gold-and-epay-tokens
Curation reward: 12.898 CTP for uyobong/lets-market-hive-ant-its-web3-products-win-over-5k-prizes
Curation reward: 12.978 CTP for bitcoinflood/whats-next-for-binance-the-new-ceo
Curation reward: 13.062 CTP for shebatherottie/what-to-expect-when-you-get-a-rottweiler
Curation reward: 19.364 CTP for hirohurl/when-shiny-new-object-syndrome-is-a-good-thing
Curation reward: 4.848 CTP for imfarhad/rising-star-giveaway-ellie-goulding-week-day-3
Curation reward: 4.84 CTP for bradleyarrow/forced-to-learn-new-stuff-and-building-bbh
Curation reward: 18.741 CTP for jonsjourney/love-and-prophecy
Curation reward: 19.128 CTP for jongolson/hgdrdqdp
Curation reward: 19.268 CTP for taskmaster4450le/it-is-time-to-talk-about-decentralized-polls
Curation reward: 4.826 CTP for the-sports-nerd/the-sports-nerds-11262023
Curation reward: 4.719 CTP for melbourneswest/a-new-era-of-crypto-as-old-guard-dies-out
Curation reward: 1.849 CTP for fexonice/saving-for-rent-with-hive-or-hbd-the-best-plan-you-can-give-yourself
Curation reward: 2.366 CTP for onwugbenuvictor/will-bitcoin-see-a-huge-correction-before-the-halving
Curation reward: 19.551 CTP for bitcoinflood/hive-goals-the-building-blocks
clicktrackprofit undelegated 125000 CTP
Curation reward: 19.644 CTP for uyobong/a-review-of-my-first-month-as-leo-premium-user
Curation reward: 4.914 CTP for bradleyarrow/hiveengine-and-building-bbh
Curation reward: 4.941 CTP for imfarhad/rising-star-giveaway-ellie-goulding-week-day-2
jongolson undelegated 80000 CTP
Transferred 312.035 CTP to ctpx
Curation reward: 9.6 CTP for fjworld/create-a-blog-in-our-pept-community-and-receive-10000-toofuckeh-tokens
Curation reward: 19.219 CTP for jongolson/myhivegoals-wen-full-crypto
Curation reward: 2.379 CTP for dynamicrypto/150x-leverage-seamless-stop-loss-trading-rune
Curation reward: 19.487 CTP for uyobong/holozing-a-full-web3-game-with-true-ownership-fun-and-wealth
Curation reward: 4.764 CTP for wealthwess/the-revolutionary-impact-of-tokenization-in-real-estate-investment
cruisin undelegated 150000 CTP
Transferred 2345 CTP to jongolson
Transferred 2345 CTP to elianaicgomes
Transferred 3484.839 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 2000 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 863.164 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 808.565 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 237.134 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 1458.229 CTP to ctpx
Received delegation of 50000 CTP from jongolson
Transferred 174.02 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 81.242 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 409.178 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 1960.727 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 1000 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 1341.394 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 950.523 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 500 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 155.363 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 595.462 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 120.988 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 278.117 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 330.856 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 199.826 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 77.274 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 131.193 CTP to ctpx
Received delegation of 25000 CTP from ctpchat
Transferred 227.79 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 319.21 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 143.826 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 626.367 CTP to ctpx
Staked 80000 CTP to ctptalk
Received 80000 CTP from jongolson
Transferred 131.716 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 161.395 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 316.289 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 103.181 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 74.172 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 233.099 CTP to ctpx
Received delegation of 25000 CTP from clicktrackprofit
Received delegation of 25000 CTP from clicktrackprofit
Transferred 141.915 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 47.627 CTP to ctpx
Transferred 158.387 CTP to ctpx