Investor Cat: Always Playing "Devil's Advocate" in the Enthusiasm...

Sometimes I can't help but feel like I’m the sole skeptic in an ocean of hype!

It's not always mostly not a very popular role, being the skeptic and asking the questions most people would rather sweep under the rug while caught up in the enthusiasm of the moment.


I attribute a fair part of my skepticism to simply being a fairly cautious investor who can't afford a lot of downside, as well as to being someone who likes to do some research on what he's getting into rather than just blindly rushing in, bowled over by a compellingly enthusiastic sales pitch backed up mostly by... thin air.

Many years ago — before the age of the Internet, even — I used to write for what we might call the ”entrepreneurial press” and one of the tasks I typically took on was take a long hard look at so called ”business opportunities,” and then attempt to go over and explain exactly what people were getting involved in.

Again, not popular, in a world where everyone was busy being a "cheerleader."


Facing "Reality" BEFORE You Fall Off a Cliff!

It was a bit of a double edged sword, in the sense that the creators of many so-called ”opportunities” truly wanted their gigs written about and brought in front of people… but at the same time they weren't always prepared for someone pointing out that their ”amazing program” was actually far from amazing.

Or, at least, was based on some pretty sketchy assumptions.

Over the past few years, I've taken a fairly keen interest in the cryptosphere and whereas I'm no longer an active business writer in the formal sense, I still like to take a long hard look at some of these ”revolutionary projects” we have in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency to try to determine what's actually ”under the hood.”

Although the Cryptosphere remains ”New,” it seems to be driven by a lot of the same self-congratulatory hype that has been driving chances for people to make money for decades. Another thing that hasn't changed this is the fact that there tends to be far more tall promises than there is delivery on those promises.


Whether that's simply a basic premise of human nature, or the characteristic of any nascent industry where ”tried and true” isn’t something that has even been established yet... that I'm not wise to, yet!

However, as we go forward towards this exciting new frontier I plan to keep my skeptic's hat firmly planted on my head. Maybe some will think that makes me a buzzkill, but quite honestly? If any given project is not able to stand up to a bit of critical scrutiny... then does it even have a valid reason for being?

As a side note, I'm also attempting to be a little more active these coming weeks as part of Khal’s challenge to the LeoFinance community to increase community engagement. You can read more about that in this introductory post, and I encourage anyone who reads this to become a active participant!

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!


CuratorCat 10-APR-2022

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