Thinking About Wealth: Is Investing Really "Trendy?"

I'll be the first to admit that investing is a multi-faceted endeavor.

That said, I'd at least like to think that investors share pretty much the same end goal, regardless of their process for getting there: We hope to create gains; to build wealth.


Not so long ago, I was having a conversation with an acquaintance who — in response to my sharing that I was involved in cryptocurrencies — made the statement that "Cryptos are so yesterday."

I found the words a bit baffling, since I am more under the impression that we are just starting to scratch the surface, in this industry.

But I also had to pause and consider the many ways of investing, and particularly the idea that different types of investment vehicles seem to be very "trendy," almost like fashion.

Here I was, talking to someone who seemed more interested in his investments being "now" than whether or not they were able to bring him long term prosperity.


I suppose I shouldn't be judging here, but isn't it more relevant to examine your investment returns, than whether or not you "look hip" while investing?

Yes, that was a snarky commentary...

Still, it made me ponder whether someone paying attention to trendiness in investing is merely a reflection of a greater society in which everything seems to be moving faster and faster, in shorter and shorter time fragments.

Look at the cryptosphere, itself, and consider the way so many of the players are looking for "Wen Moon?" for a shot at instant riches, rather than gradually dollar cost averaging a worthy asset over a period of years...

"Ain't got time for that!"

You might wonder whether I even have a point to make, here.

Yes, I do. Sustainability.


Consider the interesting paradox — or, at least, contradiction — of so many who pour into the world of blockchain and crypto as a rejection of the legacy banking and financial system in which central banks can "just print more money," potentially leading to hyperinflation, while they in their next breath are chasing the next "trendy" investment that promises a 3,000% APY.

Doesn't anyone notice the irony in that?

Or is it just the growing sense of entitlement rearing its ugly head? "Being able to increase my investment by 1,000% in a week should only apply to ME, while not affecting the rest of the world!"

Last I checked, the whole "action/reaction" thing still holds true!

But let's circle back to "trendy," as I try to bring this to a close. Seems to me the cryptosphere is at risk of gaining a "flash in the pan" reputation, as long as so much focus is on earning uber-high returns in a super risky field. Probably not how we will ever attract a more mainstream user base...

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!


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