Splinterlands season end chest reward openings and experience



Last Splinterland season end was Hard, I was really not able to win many matches and my strategies were not working anymore.

I think after a few updates they also have updated the strategies to keep us competing and making new strategies.

So it took me some time to play games and learn each time I failed or lost the battler. This isn't like other games where you just suddenly come and play games.

To win you have to play constantly and learn and make strategies. Well, I haven't been much consistent in playing games but still, I play quite a few times.

So I was on Bronze III level which is the easiest to achieve as not many tough competitors battle with you at that rank.

So for being on Bronze III we get 5 reward chests which we can open after the season ends. And most of the time, I only used to get this. Not so amazing cards we get but sometimes I can get some rare cards which are not that rare you know.

But This time after some grind I had surpassed the Bronze III and reached the Bronze II level.

This means now I can get DEC with every battle I win. Which I didn't get on lower rank. This is the first step to getting DEC, Although when I started battling I noticed the reward is too much less and my captured rate is not the best as I lose matches more than win them.

So it doesn't much benefit me but still good to have it.

Another amazing this about the rank is now I get 7 reward chests which I am most excited about.

So let's open and see what card I get in that chest.

Here are the Five Chest I received as a reward

Look Into the First and Second chest and I had got 29 & 9 credits. Well, I was expecting a potion honestly which I hate to get it. But Compared to that credits are good for me. At least they help me when I want to buy some card packs.
Well after these two, we hope to get something better than this and look it we had got a card but which is it?VENARI HEATSMITHIt's a fire common unit.

It has the ability to transfer magic attacks to the armor. So instead of Life armor gets affected.

The card is good, but I don't think I will use it much in the Battles. Let's see next


Again I got credits in Next Chest I was hoping for some good battle cards though. But lets not waste time and look into all the chests.
And Below is the all the cards and rewards I had gotten.

So if you look further I had got another same card VENARI HEATSMITH which I didn't like much but but but..

If we open the next chest we had got a new card which is


It is a common Earth Unit. Although it is common I liked it as it can be used as a starting strong card seeing its health of it.

AND next, we get more credits.

Overall If I see I am happy we got 3 cards and credits. Better than Potions which would been wasted as I don't use them much.


This is not some educational article and is only written to share the journey of playing games and sharing the experience. You can check out other articles for educational topics.

Thank You


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I didn't realize they were giving out credits now. I don't think I have ever gotten any from the season rewards. My rewards last season were pretty horrible. I haven't had much to be excited about in a while. Maybe with the new rewards...

I found you post on Listnerds.