3rd Birthday Celebration NFTs Changed My Ego!


I've got some Web 3 Ego to deal with. I spent some Starpro to get just the thing I want. That thing is 3rd Birthday Celebrations! Not all the NFTs though. I only got few of them.

I wanted to get Nicko. But mission ended before I run enough missions! I had enough Starpro. It's just I took too long to try it out.

I better be quick next time. That's a good lesson for you guys too. If you got enough crypto & see good opportunity - it's best to actually get the best out of it. Who knows what would come up in your life to delay stuff.

How Many Instruments?

These NFTs give Luck. It helps to get more Skill from Music Lessons. More Skill is what keep Ego away :)

1X S55 3rd Birthday Guitar
1X S56 3rd Birthday Amp
6X S57 3rd Birthday Trumpet
9X S58 3rd Birthday Mic
2X S59 3rd Birthday Piano
2X S60 3rd Birthday Kit

21 Total Instruments!

  • Lowest supply: 1180 - S55 3rd Birthday Guitar
  • Highest supply: 1442 - S60 3rd Birthday Kit

Now it's way easier to get more Skill from lessons. I've already got Ego at 2%...... nope! It's now 1% after new missions completed. Already feeling really nice about this :)

Ego Stats

Best Music Lessons Now!

These will change based on your NFT collection. If you've got lots of rare piano NFTs..... that'll be the one to give Skill. Check yourself. There's 6 missions to choose from.

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